Opening Day 2020

By Johanna Rosalye Luna

— It’s a bright sunny spring day on Thursday, March 26th. Baseball fans everywhere wearing their baseball gear, some wearing their favorite baseball players jersey. Baseball ticket in hand as you enter the ballpark doors and see the baseball field straight ahead. You can feel the ballpark filled with excitement and energized fans ready to kick off the baseball season.

You take your seats with your favorite food just as the starting line-up is announced for the home team. Fans cheering, clapping and on their feet. The national anthem is sung a hometown star, echoed by the singing of every fan in the ballpark. As the national anthem comes to its end, the National Guard planes flyover the ballpark and fireworks light up the sky as fans burst with cheers. The first pitch is thrown to start the game as the first game of the season gets underway.

This is the ideal baseball fans’ opening day year after year. However, this season paints a different story. Opening Day 2020 has been placed on hold by the pandemic COVID-19, which has taken over the world . Baseball fans, players, media all celebrated Opening Day 2020 in their own special way and sharing across social media. COVID-19 has placed an indefinite hold on baseball and the world of sports worldwide.

Sports networks replaying the “best of” baseball games. Fans remembering and sharing their favorite opening day. Baseball had an “Opening Day at home” and shared throughout social media.

For this day, sports bringing once again joy, hope, and spirit to a world in crisis during a worldwide pandemic. Helping everyone come together as a community and bringing unity to all. This is what the world of sports does in a time of despair and uncertainty. We come together as one. #JL

Baseball we miss you! Come back soon <3


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